Check out some of our features

Gas Module

Optimize your gas collection

  • Map analysis – Visualize multiple data sets over time on your map
  • Upload data from your manual analyzer
  • Gas generation model
  • Oversee your equipment (flare/engine/upgrading plant) with APIs and automatic imports – IoT compatible
  • Follow-up on your collection efficiency

Map Module

Explore all your maps

You don´t need any knowledge in GIS or CAD to use all your map data.

  • Multilayer maps with date selection
  • Display your assets along with map imaging
  • Drone survey compatible

Asset Management

Take control of your investment

Asset management becomes difficult and complicated outside the buildings and machinery rooms without the proper approach. We developed our workflows to facilitate asset management of scattered assets (pipes, wells, manholes, etc.) in large areas and specialized for landfills.

Manage your assets in relation to your monitoring data, maintenance tasks and activity on your landfill.

Well head in need for maintenance

Maintenance Module

Manage maintenance tasks

With our integrated Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMSS) you can manage maintenance tasks directly related to your assets.

After analyzing and reviewing the data collected (e.g. gas collection system) you can assign maintenance tasks to your team members and your assets.

User management

Facilitate collaboration and manage access

Our platform allows you to grant several levels of access based on users’ roles. Access can be controlled within your organization at different levels but also with your external contractors. The system facilitates cross-sector collaboration by minimizing administrative hassles due to data transfer, email communication or old-fashioned BMS.

You will finally stop wasting time with file transfers and use eLandfill during your team meetings.

Leachate module

Follow up on your leachate quality

Handle all your leachate data from manual monitoring, automatic monitoring and laboratory analysis.

By constantly monitoring the quality and quantity of leachate analyzed, you will have a holistic understanding of the flows and behaviour of your landfill. A deeper understanding of the data over time will help you assess where to invest in new treatment methods or take immediate action.

Weather monitoring

Understand how weather affects your site

Weather can affect many aspects of your landfill such as landfill gas quality or leachate generation rate and quality.

You probably have a weather station or can access a public one. Let’s connect to it, and get access to your weather data on the platform to better understand the effect of the weather on your operation.

weather module