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New version release for eLandfill

By April 22, 2024News

Since the first years of development and commercialisation, we have received lots of positive feedback from landfill operators. The demand for a single digital platform with integrated functionalities is clear and we have identified major needs for the future from our customers. To respond to these requirements, we have reshaped our solution from the ground with a new architecture and more advanced workflows all included in our eLandfill V2.0.

Here are some of the improvements that will help us to service even better landfills:
* An integrated Geoserver for better mapping capabilities
* An Android app to gather data directly on the field
* Better access management to facilitate collaboration and data access in a secure way
* The platform is hosted within the EU but can also be implemented on your servers easily

Now that the big step to the new architecture is completed, we will work on finalizing new versions of the specific modules and integration with existing systems using APIs or other sorts of data transmission.